Meet Sonja’s Makeup Artist Oscar Caballero

Meet Sonja's Makeup Artist Oscar Caballero

Meet Sonja's makeup artist Oscar Caballero. If you catch her at events like red carpets or launch parties she definitely had Oscar get her ready for that event! We had the chance to talk to Oscar and get some of his makeup tips!

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Here's what he had to say:

1.How long have you been doing Makeup?
I have been doing make up for over 15 years. 

2. What made you want to be a Makeup Artist?
I was literally thrown into it... "here is a video, learn it"... and fell in love with it. I enjoy it more creatively now.  

3. What is your favorite go-to look for Sonja?
Always a natural “makeup-no-makeup” look on her skin. Sonja takes amazing care of her skin, I like to show it. For an event such as American Friends of Blérancourt, I like more drama on the eyes, her signature nude lip and a little more coverage than usual. But still glowing always!

4. What is your inspiration for her looks?
Sonja herself, the brand, the lifestyle. Living in NYC we always hear that Park Ave "no make up look... clean, crisp, youthful." 

5. What is a go-to lip color you would use on Sonja?
Always a nude beige or nude pink. My two go shades which I mixed and created for all the models for her recent NYC Fashion Show.

6. If a girl could only pack 3 makeup items what would you say is a must-have?
Brows, bronzer, a gel that can be applied on lips and cheeks (sometimes I use a lipstick as a gel blush). 

7. What is the latest beauty trend you love?
Less contouring and more highlighting (under stroke below the cheekbones can bring out a jawline in a more natural way)

8. Do you prefer everyday makeup or glam looks?
I love them both. Sometimes I love going over the top for a gala or an editorial look but I also love a natural glow with minimal make up. 

We hope you enjoyed getting to learn a little bit about Sonja's makeup artist Oscar!

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Thank you for sharing your expertise Oscar. Love the highlight stroke under cheekbone tip.

Erin Hovland

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