Sonja’s Perfect Updo!

Sonja's Perfect Updo!

Ever wanted to know how Sonja gets that perfect updo? Check out the steps below for all the deets!

Sonja Morgan sitting at a table
Sonja's imfamous updos are always done by the one and only Marco Maranghello ! "Marco is a really good friend of mine and has been creating these gorgeous updos that have been getting higher and higher ... It’s pretty close to God right now. If I wore higher heels I would be." 

Steps to Sonja's Perfect Updo:

1.  Create bouncy curls using a curling iron don't worry about making them polished and perfect we want curls for waves and volume. When you are creating the curls at the crown try to curl up and away from the face to create some volume
2.  Section away the bangs for the next couple of steps.
3. Now that the hair is all curled grab a bottle of hairspray and teasing brush and get to teasing!  Tease the roots of the hair at the crown, remember the higher the tease the higher to god! Tease in sections to get the desired amount of volume. Then smooth over top to hide the tease.
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4. Smooth and gather hair at the crown, pinch to center and pin in both directions, pull on the hair for texture. Play around with the sections to get the desired height. Pin up the back sections of the hair with some curls falling out.

Sonja Morgan smiling for the camera
5. Now it's time for the bangs. Use a blow dryer and a round brush to finish off the look. You want to make sure you are going away from the face to get the maximum volume. 
6. Add a few bouncy curls to some pieces in the front sections on the hair.
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7. Top it off the look with a sparkly tiara securing it with bobby pins. 
8. The final step is to secure the hair with lots of hairspray and you are set!
a man and a woman looking at the camera
Now you have the steps for a fabulous updo just like Sonja! Try out this hairstyle for a wedding, formal gala, or heck, just date night! 
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