Unisex Eau de Parfum

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An elegant turn of the century English violet scent for men and women with a modern twist creating a sophisticated fragrance that smells unique on everyone who wears it. Layerd notes change quickly from smokey to herbaceous vertiver with a dry down being the clinging note of violet and tobacco.


Sweet English violet with herbaceous French violet*,  South Carolina, creeping yellow jasmine* are beautifully balanced with Virginia and Texas cedar wood* and Canadian rosewood* with a dash of vetiver that softens the powdery scent of tobacco* and violet absolutes*.  Includes galbanum e.o., benzoin e.o. and effervescent fougère. 

      Welcome to the world of sophisticated, exotic and intoxicating parfum concentrates from Sonja Morgan New York.

      Responsibly formulated and made in small batches to preserve our fresh ingredients, Sonja Morgan New York cosmetics are all natural and free from petroleum derivatives, mineral oils, lanolin, gluten, parabens, dimethicones, dyes, phthalates, dubious “fragrances” & most common allergens.

      Sonja Morgan New York fashion forward niche fragrances are unique in that we have successfully combined essential oils, absolutes and aroma compounds into concentrated, highly aromatic creations. 

      Our bright and captivating natural perfumes differ from synthetic in their complexity and longevity, allowing for unique layered notes that stay longer on your skin. Most commercial perfumes are made with chemicals, for which they might smell distinct, but flat and tend to smell the same on everyone. Synthetic fragrances can only invoke a memory or a suggestion; essential oils can acutely affect ones well-being from a bio-chemical standpoint.

      Sonja Morgan New York uses the best essential oils and absolutes from France, India and the USA. Our blends are aged up to 60 days to meld our distinct scents, similar to fine wine.

      *Denotes organic ingredients.